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    Self Managed Super Funds

    As the name suggests, you manage the super fund and decide how to invest. With a self managed super fund (SMSF) you have a wider choice of investments than in the other superannuation options. The fees are generally lower too, and the flexible nature of self managed super funds allow you to benefit from the significant tax advantages that superannuation provides

    A SMSF allows you to also have the flexibility to make timely investment decisions to your super fund when market conditions change.

    The SMSF can have up to four fund members so you can include your family, giving the self managed fund more super to invest and keeping fees lower for everyone.

    Borrow to Buy property

    Self managed super funds are able to borrow to buy direct residential or commercial property. Banks would generally allow up to 80% borrowing for residential properties and 65% for commercial properties. We are able to provide advice to our clients on required steps to ensure that this transaction is completed in accordance with the latest SMSF borrowing legislation. There are multiple issues to consider prior to entering into such transaction such as overall investment strategy, the risk of taking on debt within SMSF, cash-flow of the fund, diversification. The K Partners team have developed a step by step process for clients wishing to engage in such transactions.

    Complete SMSF Solution

    K Partners offers a complete SMSF solution by providing advice on set up, administration, investment advice, risk insurance advice lending advice. Our service packages let you select the level of service you would like to receive. 

    You remain in control by choosing the level of service that best suits your individual needs and budget. You also have the flexibility to take advantage of our other services as you need them, or to change service levels as your circumstances change.



    Investment Strategy

    As the name suggests Self Managed Super Fund it is up to the trustee to decide how the funds are invested. In order to ensure that your investment goals are met, it is imperative to have a detailed investment strategy. As part of our process we are able to assist with identifying your major financial goals and the tailor an investment strategy around these goals. As we are operating within a Self Managed Superannuation environment the investment opportunities are unlimited. 

    Portfolio Management

    As part of our investment advisory service we provide portfolio advice to our SMSF investors. As part of your overall investment strategy you will have investments in direct shares, bonds, cash, term deposits, property, alternative investments. We provide a portfolio construction service that will take into account your appetite for each of these investments as well as your risk tolerance and create a portfolio that matches your requirements. As the valuations of these investments change, as well as the economic environment, we provide an ongoing portfolio management service.

    We have ongoing portfolio management packages to choose from to suit your particular needs.


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