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    Our mortgage broking service offers a unique approach to sorting out your finances at no cost to you. Our remuneration comes directly from the lenders as we act as agents for the bank when we recommend a loan.

    Our aim is to deliver the ultimate finance solution to cater for your changing needs now and in the future. We follow a number of steps in delivering the mortgage broking solution to our client.

    Step 1 – Taking the time to ask you questionsabout how you intend to use the loan, how long you need it for and what features you might require. We take consultative approach rather than prescriptive as it needs to work for you. We believe in responsible lending, so we will work out the maximum lending available given your situation by working through your current cash flow.
    Step 2 – Finding you the cheapest loan.We have a panel of 16 lenders we can choose from that include all the major banks and some smaller lenders enabling us to cater for any type of loan that our clients may require.
    Step 3 – Once we’ve determined the right product and strategy for you we assist you in implementing it. It is hassle free process where we do all the work for you.
    With K Partners that’s where the relationship begins. We encourage our clients to contact us after settlement and discuss any aspect of the loan we will then gladly assist and/or point to the right area within the bank if necessary. We expect that we will make at least one annual contact with our clients to discuss their changing needs and make any adjustments to the finance structure as required.

    Our experienced team will assist new K Partners clients with residential property loans, commercial property loans, business loans, Self Managed Superannuation loans. To find out more about this service or how we can assist please contact us during business hours or enquire online here.

    K Partners Pty Ltd is a holder of Australian Credit Licence No.388189

    Home & Investment Loans

    K Partners have access to more than 20 major lenders, and can ensure that we will secure the best loan and interest rate available.

    Whether you are a first home buyer or already on the property market K Partners can assist you in making the right decision.

    Besides offering to compare lenders and research the market – we will assist you in structuring your loan in the most tax effective manner to ensure you receive the best outcome for your circumstances.

    Having a debt reduction strategy in place is a significant part of the advice we provide, as a part of our loan recommendation we will present you with reduction strategies that meet your requirements and goals for a positive outcome.

    K Partners offer convenience throughout the finance process. Our experienced brokers will present you with a loan recommendation after having done the necessary research and ensure you are frequently updated each step of the way whilst we get your approval finalised.

    K Partners will touch base with you once a year to ensure everything is on track and to ensure the bank chosen for your purchase/refinance is still serving you in your best interest.

    There is not charge in using K Partners as your mortgage broker as we are renumerated directly by the banks.

    The nature of our business is based around building strong relationships with our clients by providing solutions that suit and meet your financial goals.

    Debt Consolidation

    At K Partners constantly look for ways to deliver additional value to our clients. We encourage our clients to simplify their debts by consolidating in wherever possible. Debt Consolidation simplifies the administration of your loans, reduces the interest rate cost and improves your overall cash flow. This process allows us to get our clients focused on getting their debts under control as well as starting to plan for debt reduction.


    Dear K Partners,

    Big Thank you to Ajay and the K Partners finance team  for assisting me with my first property purchase. Initially I was freaked out with the amount of  detail that go into purchasing your first property, but having yourselves guide me through the process was great as it simplified matters dramatically. I actually understood why we chose the loan we did and how having this certain strategy in place will impact my financial situation here and now, but more importantly in the future.
    I have no hesitation in recommending K Partners to any of my friends or other buyers who might be overwhelmed and require guidance.


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