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    Financial Planning

    Financial planning is a continuous strategy driven process that is designed to help you achieve financial goals and objectives through proper management of finances. Financial planning covers  three  main areas:

    • Wealth accumulation –  saving, investing, and managing debt.
    • Wealth preservation – managing risks that can adversely affect wealth accumulation.
    • Wealth distribution – living off accumulated wealth in retirement, and estate planning.

    The Financial Planning is delivered through providing strategic advice as well as investment advice.

    Financial planning process is broken down into following six steps:

    1. Collection and assessment of  financial data – during this step we identify where you are financially, and where you would like to be.
    2. Identification of objectives – during this step we identify and define what specific goals you would like to achieve, and probe them for barriers and likely success.
    3. Analysis and evaluation of your financial status – during this step we take into account all the information provided to construct strategies appropriate to your situation. You will be kept a part of this process to determine the strategy of best-fit for you.
    4. Develop and present recommendations and/or alternatives – during this step we will provide you with a document, or Statement of Advice, outlining our analysis of your individual requirements.
    5. Implementation – during this step we will implement the recommendations agreed upon within the Statement of Advice, along with any alterations you may require.
    6. Monitoring – during this final stage of the process, we will continue to monitor your plan, meeting with you at least once a year to ensure that your plan is on track, making any adjustments if appropriate.


    K Partners financial advice

    Do you sometimes feel anxious and unsure where you are heading financially or how your financial situation can be improved? Do you need someone who can explain things without bamboozling you with financial jargon and provide support when needed? We at K Partners Financial Planning deliver a service that is easy to understand , gives a peace of mind and provides direction. But most importantly it is tailored to your personal circumstances.

    The financial planning process is driven by qualified financial advisers who are passionate about proving high quality advice. At K Partners we believe that everyone needs to have a basic financial plan for the future.

    This basic plan will provide answers to questions such as:

    • How many years before you are debt free
    • What is your surlus income
    • When can you start investing or buy your next investment
    • Are you getting the  most out of your super
    • Are you missing out on any government freebies
    • If you were to be unable to work what insurance cover do you need

    The financial planning is delivered through providing Strategic Financial Planning and Investment Advisory service. We invite

    Getting to know you

    At K Partners it is all about the word “YOU”. So we start with “YOU” and have a really good look to what your current situation is

    • Are there any financial emergencies
    • What are your key financial goals
    • What is your financial capacity
    • Define clear achieveable outcomes

    Getting to know you is a crucial part of the process. Once we get to know you and define clear outcomes we will get to work on developing intelligent solutions.

    Just starting Out

    You have  full time employment and recognise the importance of having your money work for you.  You are unsure about how to budget and you may be thinking about commencing a regular savings plan or an investment. The best way to ensure financial security is through a well structured plan formulated by various finance professionals, which are all within the same offices at K Partners. For tailored advice on how best to grow, manage and protect your assets, book yourself a free financial health check today – See what we can do for you!

    I want to build wealth

    You have purchased your home and are in the process of paying down your home loan. You have some surplus income and are unsure on the best way to utilise  this cash surplus. Do you simply pay down your debt, do you buy shares, or do you even buy an investment property. At K Partners we assist you in considering all of the available alternatives and select the most appropriate strategy for you. These investment solutions are tailored to your own financial situation, with your risk appetite in mind. Wealth can be built through a combination of management of superannuation, managed investment accounts and direct investments such as property. Come in for your free initial financial health check to see what we can do for you!

    I want to plan for retirement

    You are looking ahead to a time when you may want to stop full time work but not sure about how to fund your lifestyle post full time work. Here at K Partners, we provide advice on the amount of assets you need now to provide your income  retirement your assets. We take your complete financial situation into account, before looking at the decision between lump sum and pension facilities for your superannuation account. At K Partners, you are in good hands – we will do the work for you so can you enjoy your retirement!



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